Technical Specifications

The connections on the back of the Midronome

Tempo Range 30 to 400 BPM
Bar Signature from 1 to 99 beats per bar
Physical Outputs 2 independent MIDI Outputs
1 Audio Output (6.35mm Stereo TRS jack), with headphones/line switch
1 DIN/CV/Analog Clock Output (3.5mm Stereo TRS jack)
Physical Inputs 1 USB plug (power and optional communication with computer)
1 Multi-function input (6.35mm Stereo TRS jack)
MIDI outputs No-load voltage 5V
Follows MIDI Specification
Compatible with MIDI-powered devices
MIDI packets Constantly: 0xF8 (MIDI Beat Clock)
Start: 0xF2, 0x00, 0x00 (MIDI SPP 0), 0xFA (MIDI Start)
Stop: 0xFB (MIDI Stop)
Resync: same as Start
MIDI Clock Jitter < 5ns
The other packets (MIDI Start, stop, etc.) have lower priority so they do not add any jitter
DIN/CV/Analog Output
DIN sync (sync24) Tip/Left = 0-5V 24ppq (pulses per quarter note)
Ring/Right = start/stop signal 0-5V
Compatible with vintage Roland devices (pre MIDI)
CV/Analog clock 2 independent outputs (stereo jack)
5ms pulse 0-5V
Configurable speed from 1ppq to 24ppq (pulses per quarter note)
Can be used for Eurorack systems, or vintage Roland and Korg synths
Metronome sound 60 different click sounds
Set a different click sound for 1st beat in bar
Max. Audio Level Balanced Line Out: +13 dBu
Headphones: 15 mW + 15 mW at 32 Ω
Audio volume 9 volume levels
+/-6dB steps
Set a different volume for 1st beat in bar
Multi-function Input
Possible functions Pedal (footswitch) Mode
Drum Pad Mode
DAW/Sync Mode (slave Mode)
Additional second pedal (together with one of the above)
Pedal (Footswitch) Mode Mute/Unmute
Tap Tempo
Drum Pad Mode Tap Tempo
Tap Tempo + Tap Signature (detects stronger hits)
3 configurable sensitivity levels
DAW/Sync Mode Sync to audio sync signal
More info in section below
Accepted pedal type Momentary (typical sustain pedal)
Latching (typical guitar amp footswitch)
Accepted pedal polarity Any (automatically detected)
Sync signal specifications (very technical)
Setup & Demo See the DAW Sync in action and how to set it up on this Youtube video
Sync Signal source (master) From the Midronome DAW Plugin (VST/AU)
From another other Midronome (to sync them together)
From DJ Equipment
From a backing-track player
Or from anything else that can play a WAV file containing the sync signal
Setup on the device The Midronome will show a red or green LED to inform if the volume of the sync signal is right
Volume much too low: no light
Volume too low: red light
Correct volume: green light
Volume too high: red light

Put the volume right in the middle of the "green zone" for best results.
Sync Signal Contents Audio pulse at 24ppq (pulses per quarternote)
Pulse width: min 0.5ms (1ms is ideal)
Second half of last pulse before next bar should be higher (min 0.9V)
Voltage levels Min 0.3V and max 0.9V for the 24 pulses
Min 0.9V for the high pulse before the bar
Ideally never lower than -0.5V or higher than 3.6V
Play Functions Modes Play in time with audio click (on the first beat of the next bar)
Play right away and reset audio click (to the beginning of the bar)
Send play only on one MIDI Port
Transform the Mute button into a second Play button to have one button per MIDI Port
Power USB Bus Power
5V / 100mA
Dimensions (WxDxH) 128x76x54mm
Weight 352g