Effortless and reliable MIDI synchronisation

Set the tempo on your MIDI Devices, Modular synths, your DAW and use the built-in Metronome with live musicians

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Midronome showing off

The most reliable, simple, and versatile MIDI Master clock ever invented

Created by a musician for musicians, the Midronome is a device that will take your music to another level, while making it easier! Playing music should be about joy, and not about the struggle with timing issues, right?

So what is the Midronome?

At the core, the Midronome is a MIDI Master Clock, that means it will set the tempo on your MIDI gear like synths, sequencers, drum machines, Ableton, guitar pedals, or many more. But this lovely little box is so much more than that.
Live, it will sync acoustic musicians as well with its built-in metronome in time with the sequencers. And in the studio it will solve any sync issue you might have, by syncing tightly your DAW and your outboard gear together. It has two CV/Analog outputs for your Modular gear like Euro-racks, which can also be used a DIN (sync24) clock output for your vintage synths.

Midronome with synth

So many ways to set the tempo

  • 1 Turning the knob
  • 2 Tapping the tempo on the Tap Tempo button
  • 3 Using a pedal to tap tempo
  • 4 Using a drum pad to tap tempo (and the time signature at the same time by tapping a full bar)
  • 5 Sending an audio sync signal (from a DAW, or any other device) to set its tempo and time signature

How to connect the Midronome

Midronome's Explanation Diagram Midronome's Explanation Diagram
The function
Why you're gonna love it

So damn easy to use

Just plug 3 cables and you're ready to play. Your sequencers and drum machines will automatically start in time. Change the configuration with a few clicks directly on the device.

Tons of possibilities

Customize the Midronome so it fits your setup. Choose the click sound, the speed of your CV signal, the pedals' function, the play button behavior, and even the brightness of the LEDs!

Ready for Live

Big display, to stay in control on the dark stage. Large metal knob and strong arcade-style buttons. Sturdy steel metal case that would need a hammer to break. Special locked Mode to prevent accidental changes.

Fast and responsive

Press a button, turn a knob, or power it up, the Midronome responds right away, you will never have to wait.

Ultra Stable Clock

No more sync issues with a jitter-free MIDI clock. Measured jitter of under 10ns, 50000 times more precise than a computer-based MIDI Clock.

Top of the Midronome in 3D
The connectivity
What you can plug in it
Midronome's back - connections

MIDI/DIN/CV/Analog Clock

The Midronome has it all, whatever clock signal your equipment needs, we've got you covered.

Headphones/Line Out

Send the audio click to headphones directly, or send a balanced line-level signal to your in-ears mixer.

USB Powered

Avoid the classic "oh no I forgot the power plug!", just get any USB cable and plug it in a phone charger, a computer or even your keyboard if it has one!

Pedal / Drum Pad input

The input of the Midronome is heavily multi-function. Connect 2 pedals to control Mute, Play, or Tap Tempo. Replace one pedal with a drum pad to tap both tempo and time signature.

DAW sync

Get your software and hardware in sync with one simple plugin in your DAW. Send the signal to the Midronome's input, and your DAW will control your Midronome, both tempo and time signature at sample rate precision.

Independent MIDI ports

Start or stop your devices independently on each port, using either two buttons or two pedals. Need more ports? Connect a MIDI powered Thru box, or even add more Midronomes to expand while keeping the same insane precision!

The versatility
How you could use it
Hybrid Studio

Do you have a recording studio with lots of gear? Do you struggle to get your hardware in sync with the recording software?

Rock Band

Do you want to spice up your rock sound with a few sequencer synths, without having the hassle of a complex computer setup?

Solo Artist

Are you a solo artist who plays many instruments on stage? Do you need a hands-free solution to sync your gear?

New features suggestions
From the community on the forum

(already implemented in our prototype!)
Sending MIDI Clock over the USB port

Negative offset

Adding a negative offset (negative latency) on one of the two MIDI outputs

Tempo presets

Saving tempo presets, i.e. a list of tempo and time signature to quickly go through

Expression Pedal

Using an expression pedal to make a smooth tempo slide from tempo X to tempo Y

MIDI CC/PC Messages

(already implemented in our prototype!)
Receiving MIDI CC/PC messages over USB to set tempo on the device, in order to integrate the device with apps like f.x. BandHelper


Sending a resync/restart MIDI message every x bars

Tempo nudging

Smoothly slowing down or up the tempo in order to "catch up" with something already running

Tempo following

Detecting and following the tempo from an actual drum beat played

Ableton Link

Full integration with Ableton Link (currently the device can only control Ableton)

48ppq CV clock

CV and DIN sync clock output at 48ppq, for Korg devices (among others)

Start with DAW

Disable Master mode when syncing to a DAW (in order to start devices automatically with the DAW transport)

Mounting option

Add a thread on the bottom of the Midronome to mount it on a microphone stand

The user reviews
From people who tried a prototype


Moderator of gearspace.com (previously Gearslutz)

Gearspace.com - Midronome review from Reptil

This is a little clock monster! Clever box. Five stars from me. I'll miss it when I'll send it along to the next reviewer.

Jesper V.

Multi-instrumentalist and Producer at OhNothing

Jesper from OhNothing speaking about the Midronome

I've been using the Midronome every day since I got it. During rehearsals, Live, and in the Studio. Live it is the first link in my MIDI-chain and it controls all my synths.

Rik V.

Guitarist and synth player at Black Wallaby & Doomsludge

Rik from Black Wallaby & Doomsludge speaking about the Midronome

We are now at a point where we cannot really use our synths without it.

Rune E.

Drummer at

Rune from Antiplanet speaking about the Midronome

The great thing about the Midronome is its flexibility: I can easily tap a tempo, which then can be shared through our in-ear monitors, sync'ed with our synths.

Press Mentions
What the press has to say about it


From gearnews.com

Gearnews.com - Midronome review from Robin

Midronome brings together a bunch of synchronisation tools in a natty little box with simple controls and a nice big red display. It's very neat and could probably sort out a lot of the common sync problems people run into with hybrid studio and live performance situations.


From Synth Anatomy

Synth Anatomy - Midronome review from Tom

Midronome bundles a super accurate MIDI master clock with a customizable metronome in a pocket-sized box. A very smart device in my opinion. If it does what it promises, this could become an essential tool for any hybrid setup.


From Synthtopia

Synthtopia - Midronome review from Malve

A MIDI Master Clock, that they say makes it effortless to set and sync tempo across MIDI gear like synths, sequencers, drum machines, Ableton Live and effects pedals.


From Hispasonic

Hispasonic - Midronome review from Malve

Y aunque existen ya soluciones que tratan de paliar esos problemas de sincronía entre instrumentos, hasta donde yo los conozco, no suelen ofrecer todas las opciones que ofrece Midronome, y menos en un formato tan compacto y económico como este aparatito.

Neo Alchemist

From Audiofanzine

Audiofanzine - Midronome review from Neo Alchemist

Une petite boite qui ambitionne de devenir votre chef d'orchestre personnel.


From Amazona.de

Amazona.de - Midronome review from Felix

MIDRONOME klingt als Produktname schon interessant und hat auch einige interessante Features auf Lager. Das klingt auf alle Fälle spannend und hört sich nach vielfältigen Einbindungsmöglichkeiten in diverse Setups an.


From gearnews.de

Gearnews.de - Midronome review from Lasse

Das Midronome sieht nach einer praktischen und einfachen Lösung zur Synchronisation verschiedenster Setups aus. Ein Helferlein, das eine hochpräzise MIDI-Clock, ein Metronom und mehrere MIDI- und CV-Ausgänge in einem Gerät vereint.


From midifan

Midifan - Midronome review from Leones

来自丹麦的 Midronome 是一款非常可靠的袖珍型高级 MIDI 主时钟。 Midronome 的面板非常简单直观,具有设置、Tap/Tempo、播放/停止和静音按钮,此外还有1个可按下、旋转的编码器大转轮和LED显示屏, LED 也可用于显示节拍。

큐오넷 운영자

From Cuonet

CUONET - Midronome review

MIDI 신호도 싱크의 정확도가 떨어지기 때문에, 여러대의 장비를 연결했을때 MIDI master clock 이 필요하다는 컨셉으로 만들어진 제품입니다. Midronome 에 의해 생성되는 MIDI 클럭 신호는 현재 시장에서 가장 정밀한 수준으로, 자체 측정된 지터는 10나노초 단위입니다.